Be A Vendor

Promote your service or product at Prayze Cafe Live Events, our quarterly networking events. We also connect you with multiple vending opportunities through our network with partnering businesses. We provide the music, entertainment and the people and you sale, excel and succeed!

Advertise Your Business

Advertise your business through radio, television, and the internet. We can create commercial spots for you with voice overs included or put in rotation a custom spot of your own. We have advertising packages and will even do a custom package to meet ALL your needs.

Become A Sponsor

The Prayze CafĂ© Radio Broadcast falls within operating markets for sponsorship, Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. In today’s market, radio time is based on financial support and we are looking forward to creating a long lasting partnership with you immediately.

Advertising That Connects With The Senses

Our advertising will get your products heard by the world, seen by consumers, and touched by buyers.

A Sharing Network

Prayze Cafe Radio consist of a close network of entrepreneurs, business owners and dreamers. We pride ourselves on being a network that helps one another advance. We share resources, we share connections and we patronize each others businesses.

Dedicated Professional Staff

We provide high-quality customer service. Our organized, dedicated, professional staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. With different advertising options, they can also recommend packages or services that will be a good fit for you.